We are Something Brewed, a couple of coffee nerds who just want to share their passion with you on your big day! 

It all started when we got engaged and were looking for venues and options etc. The one thing we knew about the coffee at weddings was that it was really not very good.  You can have the most plush and beautiful venue but after your meal and you are handed a cup full of burnt tar it - for us anyway - really dampens the mood.  However, being in the industry, we really wanted give our guests a chance to taste what it is that we drone on and on about to them! 

Speciality Coffee designed exclusively for weddings just didn't exist! Candy floss, popcorn, sweets we could find hundreds of but nothing of what we really wanted. So we started our own company doing just that!

Gill's dad built the cart out of up-cycled apple crates and painted and varnished them.  Then Craigs dad put on all the burlap sacks and helped us finish it off.  So it really is a family business!

We are getting married 1 month today (26th of Feb 2016) in House for an Art Lover in Bellahousten park and will be hosting the first outing of the coffee cart and our good friends will be working at it.  We just thought now would be a great time to launch the business just in time for our own wedding so stay tuned for some pictures from that and to hear how we got on.  

We'll be honeymooning it around Europe till mid march so please get in touch if there is anything we can do for you once we're back!

We look forward to hearing from you to chat about your big day and let us help you make it more personalised and special.  

Gill & Craig xx