Brew Debut

On Friday, 26th of February 2016 around 7.30pm, there was a faint and charming aroma of freshly ground coffee emanating from the reception room in House for an Art Lover...
Half an hour later, the hustle and bustle of cousins, uncles, anties, mums and dads lining up to get a look and of course taste of all of the wonderful sights and smells that were being produced from our little wooden cart. 

It was of course CRAIG & GILLs own wedding which we of course hosted our own Something Brewed Brew Bar! Our good friends and talented Baristas Heather & Charlotte offered to help us out on the night (we were a little too busy to work ourselves!) 
We knew we wanted our food and drink to be centre stage (apart from us) and our wedding was always going to be the debut of the new business idea, and it could not have been more successful! 
As we had predicted, our similarly minded friends and family members absolutely loved it. Aside from the visually pleasing aesthetic of our beautiful brew bar and the enticing aroma of coffee permeating the dance floor, our guests could not get enough of drinking our incredible coffees.

We had our signature Costa Rica, Finca Santos in the hopper for Espresso based drinks and we also had Ethiopian, Rocko Mountain and Brazil, Ouro Verde on offer for our hand brewed Filter Coffee.  All of which went down a storm and we even heard on the odd occasion - "Same again?" 

Our wedding day itself was spectacular and it made it all the more special that we got to host our own little business for our friends and family too.  It was a pure joy to behold, and following a sojourn around Europe sampling the finest coffee we could find in Berlin, Budapest, Vienna and Munich on our honeymoon, we have returned to Glasgow itchy to bring our new venture to the next wedding.

Hopefully see you at a wedding soon. Gill and Craig x