Glasgow Coffee Festival

The weekend of 19th and 20th May was a busy one for Glasgwegians working in coffee!


The Glasgow Coffee festival is a chance for Scottish coffee shops and roasteries as well as others from across the UK to show what they have to offer, sample each others products and most importantly chat about the current coffee haps. This also allows coffee enthusiasts from the general public to come and try some interesting beverages, take part in cuppings and masterclasses and listen to talks on a range of subjects. This celebration of Scottish coffee culture also provides the venue for the Glasgow heats of the UK Brewers Cup final!



At Something Brewed we had the opportunity to work at the Espresso Shop stand. Gillian was showcasing the new coffee machine from Astoria, the "Storm". We had an absolute blast chatting to coffee fans from within the industry as well as from the public. It is exciting to see so many people who are dedicated to elevating this beautiful product!



The brainchild of Lisa of Glasgows own Dear Green Coffee, this event is spectacular. It is especially exciting for Scotland where we are all trying hard to be visible amongst a brand new world of coffee culture around the globe. The standard of coffee is improving across the board and the growing size of events like the coffee festival gives hope to the future of coffee. Every part of this festival is celebration of the brown stuff, but also serves a greater purpose. Every shop, roastery, individual barista and competitive elements are all responsible for raising the profile of coffee and helping this product to be sustainable at every level, especially its beginnings on the farm.



We hope to see everyone at the coffee festival next time, where it will hopefully be even bigger than before!