The Good Coffee Cartel

At Something Brewed we predominantly work with one particular product and this means we are passionate about this product being the best it possibly can be. With this in mind we have taken time to try coffee from lots of different roasteries over the years. When it came time to select who we wanted to work with long term however, there was only one obvious answer; The Good Coffee Cartel.


We think of ourselves as hospitality professionals, we care about serving a product with the utmost care coupled with a friendly approachable attitude. We rely on the suppliers of our products to approach their work with the same care and attention to detail and The 'Cartel is a team of professionals.
Started by former Avenue Coffee alumni Todd and Courtney, The Good Coffee Cartel are striving to bring only the best quality, seasonal, speciality beans to the good people of Glasgow.



Their roastery is located in Kinning Park and is well worth a visit for any coffee aficionados. The decor is simple but satisfying in design and establishes a space that is ripe for creativity. Come and sample their latest coffee offerings, browse their beautiful retail section and gaze at the beautiful Southside from their large cosy windows.

The boys use a Probat UG15 coffee roaster, built in 1962 and refurbished just for them!
Most roasters can roast up to 12kg of coffee or as much as 25 kg of coffee, which is quite a large difference. This bad guy can roast in 17kg batches, it's old school cast iron engineering and has a very powerful burner. This roaster is often compared to an old corvette, its been a labour of love in bringing new life to it.


The 'Cartel are currently offering coffee from Peru and Colombia as well as a new delicious Costa Rican, so get your butt down to the roastery to have a taste! The guys are always on the look out for new exciting coffees so keep your eyes peeled for what's on offer!

The sustainability of the coffee industry is an important focus for a lot of people working within speciality coffee around the world. With efforts to improve working conditions for farmers, fair pay for produce and general environmental consciousness. The Cartel gang have taken this into consideration when choosing the packaging for wholesale and retail coffee. All wholesale customers now get their coffee delivered in large pails which can be re-filled when required. Retails coffee is also supplied in smaller versus, pictured below, and customers can enjoy discounted coffee when having them refilled!!



As each new season in coffee approaches the guys contact their suppliers to see what coffees are coming in and they can find out whats new and exciting, they have to be quick to get ahead of other roasteries! They try samples of different roasted coffees to see what the new offerings from the Cartel will be. Recently the boys acquired a small sample roaster so they now get green bean samples. This is even more exciting as they will be able to sample the different ways they might want to roast the coffee themselves!

The Good Coffee Cartel are among a few very special businesses striving to improve Glasgow's coffee scene one shop, one barista, one customer or even one coffee at a time!