Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, ours was delightful! Lots of snacking and of course plenty of coffee.

And <<<CONGRATULATIONS>>>  to any newly engaged couples, this is such an exciting time of year to start planning the perfect wedding!

Ok so first of all apologies for the lack of bloggin'.

This has been a crazy ol' year for us, but we are back again to keep you up to date with all the happenings in the Something Brewed camp as well as other topics of interest to us (mainly weddings and coffee)


If you follow us on Instagram or check our Facebook page then you will have seen us at all manners of events this year. We have popped up at trade shows, farm shows, foodie events, office parties, fundraisers, markets, comic conventions, music festivals, golf tournaments and alcohol free functions.


Did I forget to mention weddings?!?

We had the honour of celebrating with so many amazing couples this year, so a big big thank you to all the newly weds!



If this wasn't enough we popped up in a new coffee shop in Glasgow!

We had the fantastic opportunity to work with a range of talented individuals to realise the wonder that is The Cran. Situated right in the heart of Finnieston, The Cran takes its name from the local landmark of the same name. Towering at over 170 feet the Finnieston Crane is a relic from Glasgow's shipbuilding past.


In a similar vein The Cran hearkens back to an historical Glasgow with busy industry around the Finnieston area, and now the area has seen a huge resurgence aided by trendy bars and restaurants and the nearby Hydro concert venue, Finnieston is slowly returning to its former glories.

At The Cran, Something Brewed helps provide the caffeinated cherry on top. This hip cake includes a range of hot and cold lunch options as well as pop up retail shops and events space.


So with 2017 done and dusted, here's to another awesome year of exciting events, beautiful weddings and coffee fun! We look forward to seeing you all at an event soon, oh and if you're in Finnieston do pop in and see us at The Cran!