Hi guys, Happy New Year!
We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and are back at it (whatever it is) with renewed vigour!

We have had a bonkers year and thought we’d kick things off with a wee post about what we’ve been up to…mainly opening Mayze, a brand new cafe in Finnieston, Glasgow.


Having run The Cran ourselves for over a year we really wanted a space in which we could offer high quality coffee alongside vegetarian brunch, lunch and sweet treats!
We built the cafe ourselves with just our little team of four! Opening at the end of July 2018.

It’s safe to say it has been whirlwind since opening but it has immediately allowed us to really expand on all our interests.


We have created some exciting new vegan brunch dishes as well as increasing our speciality coffee credentials and by accident becoming a vegan bakery, supplying cakes to cafes across Glasgow as well as made-to-order cakes for celebrations (or even Saturday nights!)

We have a brand new Astoria Storm which is providing the espresso shots with extreme love and care in every espresso based drink at Mayze. We are always offering coffees from a variety of roasteries, both local and far afield to always bring the best coffee to the people of Finnieston!


Mayze also provides us with the perfect space to invite couples to meet us, try our products and discuss wedding plans!

We have a fantastic hub of operations in which to create exciting new drink ideas and continue to develop and improve our coffee options at weddings.


Additionally, our kitchen can produce all the cakes and savouries we need to pop up at a host of new events, so keep your eyes peeled for Mayze on the road in 2019, and if you haven’t already, be sure to pop in and see us at Mayze!

Mossgiel Farm

Continuing with our supplier spotlight we can't wait to tell you all about our friend farmer Bryce and his fantastic dairy farm, Mossgiel.


Bryce and his family have been in the dairy industry for many years and it was through necessity that he chose to revolutionise his business. With the price of milk dropping to dangerous lows for the sustainability of his business, Bryce completely restructured his farm.


Bryce stopped supplying the large dairy companies responsible for the downturn and started offering milk direct from the girls at Mossgiel to local customers.
Removing all chemicals from the process Bryce's milk in non-homogenised. Pasteurised to legal requirements the end product resembles milk from a bygone era, thick and creamy and full of flavour.

The farm is located in Mauchline in Ayrshire, and is coincidentally the farm previously owned by Scottish word boffin Robert Burns.
This adds a touch of mystery to the narrative of this historic land.


Bryce began taking his milk around Ayrshire to be sampled by various local businesses and they all discovered his milk works particularly well for butter, ice cream and cheese. However another experiment with baristas at McCune Smith led to the discovery that the higher fat content in the milk makes it ideal for baristas to steam and use with coffee.


We tried this ourselves with Avenue coffee at the time and I was blown away by how delicious it was. Another happy coincidence is that latte art maintains its integrity for much longer, for all you budding photographers and instagram fiends out there. 
Meeting Bryce and hearing his story and finding out about the positive work he is doing is very inspiring and once you've tried the product you will never go back so it was a no-brainer for us at Something Brewed when it came time to selecting our milk supplier.


As well as the over-all farming practices that Bryce is trying to improve, Mossgiel have recently launched a Crowdfunder to aid them in ending the use of single-use plastics. Bryce has been working hard researching the best method for them to switch over to a much more sustainable carrier for their product, for wholesale customers and retail alike. There's only a few days left on the crowdfunder so be sure to head over to and help them reach their goal!


The Good Coffee Cartel

At Something Brewed we predominantly work with one particular product and this means we are passionate about this product being the best it possibly can be. With this in mind we have taken time to try coffee from lots of different roasteries over the years. When it came time to select who we wanted to work with long term however, there was only one obvious answer; The Good Coffee Cartel.


We think of ourselves as hospitality professionals, we care about serving a product with the utmost care coupled with a friendly approachable attitude. We rely on the suppliers of our products to approach their work with the same care and attention to detail and The 'Cartel is a team of professionals.
Started by former Avenue Coffee alumni Todd and Courtney, The Good Coffee Cartel are striving to bring only the best quality, seasonal, speciality beans to the good people of Glasgow.



Their roastery is located in Kinning Park and is well worth a visit for any coffee aficionados. The decor is simple but satisfying in design and establishes a space that is ripe for creativity. Come and sample their latest coffee offerings, browse their beautiful retail section and gaze at the beautiful Southside from their large cosy windows.

The boys use a Probat UG15 coffee roaster, built in 1962 and refurbished just for them!
Most roasters can roast up to 12kg of coffee or as much as 25 kg of coffee, which is quite a large difference. This bad guy can roast in 17kg batches, it's old school cast iron engineering and has a very powerful burner. This roaster is often compared to an old corvette, its been a labour of love in bringing new life to it.


The 'Cartel are currently offering coffee from Peru and Colombia as well as a new delicious Costa Rican, so get your butt down to the roastery to have a taste! The guys are always on the look out for new exciting coffees so keep your eyes peeled for what's on offer!

The sustainability of the coffee industry is an important focus for a lot of people working within speciality coffee around the world. With efforts to improve working conditions for farmers, fair pay for produce and general environmental consciousness. The Cartel gang have taken this into consideration when choosing the packaging for wholesale and retail coffee. All wholesale customers now get their coffee delivered in large pails which can be re-filled when required. Retails coffee is also supplied in smaller versus, pictured below, and customers can enjoy discounted coffee when having them refilled!!



As each new season in coffee approaches the guys contact their suppliers to see what coffees are coming in and they can find out whats new and exciting, they have to be quick to get ahead of other roasteries! They try samples of different roasted coffees to see what the new offerings from the Cartel will be. Recently the boys acquired a small sample roaster so they now get green bean samples. This is even more exciting as they will be able to sample the different ways they might want to roast the coffee themselves!

The Good Coffee Cartel are among a few very special businesses striving to improve Glasgow's coffee scene one shop, one barista, one customer or even one coffee at a time!

Glasgow Coffee Festival

The weekend of 19th and 20th May was a busy one for Glasgwegians working in coffee!


The Glasgow Coffee festival is a chance for Scottish coffee shops and roasteries as well as others from across the UK to show what they have to offer, sample each others products and most importantly chat about the current coffee haps. This also allows coffee enthusiasts from the general public to come and try some interesting beverages, take part in cuppings and masterclasses and listen to talks on a range of subjects. This celebration of Scottish coffee culture also provides the venue for the Glasgow heats of the UK Brewers Cup final!



At Something Brewed we had the opportunity to work at the Espresso Shop stand. Gillian was showcasing the new coffee machine from Astoria, the "Storm". We had an absolute blast chatting to coffee fans from within the industry as well as from the public. It is exciting to see so many people who are dedicated to elevating this beautiful product!



The brainchild of Lisa of Glasgows own Dear Green Coffee, this event is spectacular. It is especially exciting for Scotland where we are all trying hard to be visible amongst a brand new world of coffee culture around the globe. The standard of coffee is improving across the board and the growing size of events like the coffee festival gives hope to the future of coffee. Every part of this festival is celebration of the brown stuff, but also serves a greater purpose. Every shop, roastery, individual barista and competitive elements are all responsible for raising the profile of coffee and helping this product to be sustainable at every level, especially its beginnings on the farm.



We hope to see everyone at the coffee festival next time, where it will hopefully be even bigger than before!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, ours was delightful! Lots of snacking and of course plenty of coffee.

And <<<CONGRATULATIONS>>>  to any newly engaged couples, this is such an exciting time of year to start planning the perfect wedding!

Ok so first of all apologies for the lack of bloggin'.

This has been a crazy ol' year for us, but we are back again to keep you up to date with all the happenings in the Something Brewed camp as well as other topics of interest to us (mainly weddings and coffee)


If you follow us on Instagram or check our Facebook page then you will have seen us at all manners of events this year. We have popped up at trade shows, farm shows, foodie events, office parties, fundraisers, markets, comic conventions, music festivals, golf tournaments and alcohol free functions.


Did I forget to mention weddings?!?

We had the honour of celebrating with so many amazing couples this year, so a big big thank you to all the newly weds!



If this wasn't enough we popped up in a new coffee shop in Glasgow!

We had the fantastic opportunity to work with a range of talented individuals to realise the wonder that is The Cran. Situated right in the heart of Finnieston, The Cran takes its name from the local landmark of the same name. Towering at over 170 feet the Finnieston Crane is a relic from Glasgow's shipbuilding past.


In a similar vein The Cran hearkens back to an historical Glasgow with busy industry around the Finnieston area, and now the area has seen a huge resurgence aided by trendy bars and restaurants and the nearby Hydro concert venue, Finnieston is slowly returning to its former glories.

At The Cran, Something Brewed helps provide the caffeinated cherry on top. This hip cake includes a range of hot and cold lunch options as well as pop up retail shops and events space.


So with 2017 done and dusted, here's to another awesome year of exciting events, beautiful weddings and coffee fun! We look forward to seeing you all at an event soon, oh and if you're in Finnieston do pop in and see us at The Cran!

Newly Engaged?

CONGRATULATIONS to all you newly engaged couples!!!

And Happy New Year!

If you are mad about coffee then Something Brewed is the perfect addition to your wedding day.

Offering a range of hot and cold drinks, we focus on anything non-alcoholic. 

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The Wedding Collective Bridal Market Sunday 30th October


Planning your wedding can be very disorientating. With so many suppliers and such a vast range of new different wedding centric business ideas it can be very stressful times indeed.

We were certainly feeling a little lost when we began planning our wedding in early 2015 and felt like we had found salvation in the form of the Wedding Collective. A directory of likeminded individuals and small business who have amazing little ideas. A couple of times a year TWC hosts a wedding market in Glasgow and so it was with great excitement that we set off for our very first bridal market in July. With our second outing coming up in October we thought we would share a little about our first experiences with the bridal market, and why you should come along in October!

Filter Coffee and Lemonade for Weddings &amp; Events
Something Brewed Sign for Weddings &amp; Events
Espresso on Demand Grinder for Weddings &amp; Events

The event itself has varied in guise over the years, from long full day events to this much shorter, more intense evening!

It really is the perfect platform for any budding brides or future husbands to get a sense of all the options available for their wedding.

We were amazed at the variety on offer. From stationary and decorations to alternative venues, from photography and wedding videos to DIY bars and coffee pop ups ;), and from flower and dress makers to jewellery makers and cake bakers.

Groups from the Wedding Collective Bridal Market Something Brewed Coffee for Weddings &amp; Events in Scotland
Groups from the Wedding Collective Bridal Market Something Brewed Coffee for Weddings &amp; Events in Scotland
Groups from the Wedding Collective Bridal Market Something Brewed Coffee for Weddings &amp; Events in Scotland

All this made for a exciting bustling evening. Potential punters were ushered in at 5pm and we could hardly believe it was time already. Having spent most of the day planning and organising ourselves for the event, somehow it was now upon us!


From the word go we were absolutely stowed out! A queue often forming to chat to us, either from the sight of our cart and the interesting decorations, or from the smell of fresh ground coffee which emanated throughout the venue. The market brought us directly to the type of customers who we love chatting to. Coffee lovers were happy to stand and chat to us for 20 minutes at a time, testing our coffee and sampling the homemade lemonade we brought for the less coffee loving folk.

We managed to get loads of great chats with brides to be, keen to get a wee treat or surprise for their coffee loving fiancee, and with couples like ourselves who see coffee as more important on the big day as the booze!


Our experience of larger wedding events is that instead of helping you narrow down your options, and zero in on the style of wedding you wish to organise, it adds to confusion. The sheer scale of what is out there is vast. Finding reputable businesses, personable people and planning the perfect day is perplexing enough. The wedding collective has honed in on a style of wedding which suited us perfectly, and evidently there are hundreds of couples out there much like us, looking for this exact style of business.


Since that Thursday evening back in July we have had so many amazing messages from budding brides and grooms, other suppliers we met on the day, and from venues who were keen to get in touch to potentially help each other out. It helped us zero in on our exact customer base and the experience was invaluable. If you are in the process of planning your own wedding and are still a little bewildered, or even if you think you have everything sussed we would urge you along to The Wedding Collective Bridal Market on 30th October at St Andrews in the Square.


Please check out our other Wedding Collective chums. All these guys will be at the Bridal Market too so come and say hello

Getting to Know You!


We are very excited to announce that we have gone live on The Wedding Collective!

We have been big fans of the Wedding Collective since they came to our attention a couple of years ago when planning our own wedding. Our friends told us about them and explained how they were the perfect directory for the kind of wedding we were planning, and they helped couple who were looking for something alternative, unique and hand crafted.  

Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, but it can often be very confusing and at times stressful. Trying to find the right suppliers, reliable people and getting the most for your money, can sometimes take the fun right out of it. However on discovering TWC it became very clear that they have done a lot of the leg work for you! They showcase a small group of local (Scottish) businesses who offer specialised services but no matter what, each supplier has a distinct personality and displays the right kind of creativity, like minded style and design that link them all together.

They also host their own Wedding Fairs and we came home after attending their "Bridal Market" absolutely bursting with ideas for our own wedding, and we felt much happier and more focussed with the planning after that. 

We used Three Isles Designs for all of our flowers as well as our cake decorations:
(By the way - these are all SILK! So the now all sit proudly on my mantlepiece...) I cannot recommend Gigha highly enough - she has an amazing eye for design, she was an absolute joy to work with and her flowers were better than I could have ever imagined!

We also used Cinemate Films who produce gorgeous cinematic wedding films - we were actually the first wedding of their sister company LoveLock Films who we cannot reccomend highly enough. See for yourselves! 

The website was very easy to use, and we very quickly managed to target the types of service we were looking for, as well as the specific style for our wedding. This coupled with the collective passion that each supplier conveyed, sold us on The Wedding Collective as the directory we wanted to use ourselves when we finally got the business up and running.

Something Brewed are delighted to be joining this team of folk, who are just as passionate about their offerings as we are about our own Coffees.  
We will be exhibiting at their next Bridal Market on the 28th of July in Woodside Wearhouse, Glasgow.  Tickets Here. 


Brew Debut

On Friday, 26th of February 2016 around 7.30pm, there was a faint and charming aroma of freshly ground coffee emanating from the reception room in House for an Art Lover...
Half an hour later, the hustle and bustle of cousins, uncles, anties, mums and dads lining up to get a look and of course taste of all of the wonderful sights and smells that were being produced from our little wooden cart. 

It was of course CRAIG & GILLs own wedding which we of course hosted our own Something Brewed Brew Bar! Our good friends and talented Baristas Heather & Charlotte offered to help us out on the night (we were a little too busy to work ourselves!) 
We knew we wanted our food and drink to be centre stage (apart from us) and our wedding was always going to be the debut of the new business idea, and it could not have been more successful! 
As we had predicted, our similarly minded friends and family members absolutely loved it. Aside from the visually pleasing aesthetic of our beautiful brew bar and the enticing aroma of coffee permeating the dance floor, our guests could not get enough of drinking our incredible coffees.

We had our signature Costa Rica, Finca Santos in the hopper for Espresso based drinks and we also had Ethiopian, Rocko Mountain and Brazil, Ouro Verde on offer for our hand brewed Filter Coffee.  All of which went down a storm and we even heard on the odd occasion - "Same again?" 

Our wedding day itself was spectacular and it made it all the more special that we got to host our own little business for our friends and family too.  It was a pure joy to behold, and following a sojourn around Europe sampling the finest coffee we could find in Berlin, Budapest, Vienna and Munich on our honeymoon, we have returned to Glasgow itchy to bring our new venture to the next wedding.

Hopefully see you at a wedding soon. Gill and Craig x 




We are Something Brewed, a couple of coffee nerds who just want to share their passion with you on your big day! 

It all started when we got engaged and were looking for venues and options etc. The one thing we knew about the coffee at weddings was that it was really not very good.  You can have the most plush and beautiful venue but after your meal and you are handed a cup full of burnt tar it - for us anyway - really dampens the mood.  However, being in the industry, we really wanted give our guests a chance to taste what it is that we drone on and on about to them! 

Speciality Coffee designed exclusively for weddings just didn't exist! Candy floss, popcorn, sweets we could find hundreds of but nothing of what we really wanted. So we started our own company doing just that!

Gill's dad built the cart out of up-cycled apple crates and painted and varnished them.  Then Craigs dad put on all the burlap sacks and helped us finish it off.  So it really is a family business!

We are getting married 1 month today (26th of Feb 2016) in House for an Art Lover in Bellahousten park and will be hosting the first outing of the coffee cart and our good friends will be working at it.  We just thought now would be a great time to launch the business just in time for our own wedding so stay tuned for some pictures from that and to hear how we got on.  

We'll be honeymooning it around Europe till mid march so please get in touch if there is anything we can do for you once we're back!

We look forward to hearing from you to chat about your big day and let us help you make it more personalised and special.  

Gill & Craig xx