Cold Brew Coffee

Our Cold Brew is brewed in cold water for up to 18 hours then filtered and served over ice to create a smooth and sweet cold coffee like you've never tasted before.  We use seasonal coffees to ensure the freshness and flavour is upheld.  We can produce this to be suitable with milk or perfectly pure, whatever you desire.  Let us know and we can create a recipe just for you.  


Freshly Squeezed Lemons & Mint go into our secret recipe for this now infamous ultimate party beverage.  Still, cloudy, tangy and sweet - you cannot beat it.  Served from our gorgeous decanter, you can help yourself all night long! 

Homemade, Freshly
Squeezed Lemonade



Freshly Brewed Loose Leaf Iced Tea 



Our Iced Tea is brewed to perfection and infused with complimentary flavours to suit our tea.  We find a subtle tea with fruity taste notes works best.  We only use natural ingredients and add only a little sugar - letting the tea speak for itself. 

Served over ice, its perfect for summer events and catering for children.