Speciality Drinks

At Something Brewed, we prepare each and every one of our drinks by hand and with love.
We are passionate about delivering the highest quality catering, locally sourced and ethically driven.


Using speciality grade coffee, prepared to the highest standard, our espresso menu will surpass any of your guests expectations.

Showcasing individual countries coffee offerings, our V60 filter coffee option will add drama & flavour to your event.


Sourced from around the world and showcasing exceptional quality loose leaf teas for you to enjoy. 

Seasonal, flavourful soft drinks prepared to order for you event and showcased in dramatic & engaging ways.


Ethically Driven for Flavour & Sustainability

Mossgiel Milk from Ayrshire carton with jug of milk and china tea cup.
Jug of Mossgiel Milk from Ayrshire with vintage china milk jug and a vintage china teacup and saucer. 
Mossgiel Milk from Ayrshire with a Jug and a vintage teacup and saucer. 

Happy Cows

One of the most important products we work with is milk. It is essential that we work with milk producers who know what they are doing, produce amazing tasty milk and care about the conditions in which they keep their cows, and so we found Mossgiel Farm!
Here the 45 Ayrshire cows are fed on natural feed and the soil is left in its natural state, non fertilised and hosted on the fields once farmed by Robert Burns family no less!  Bryce and the girls (his cows) aim to be organic certified within the next year or so. There is also an added surprise: As the milk is batch pasteurised, not homogenised  or standardised, the taste is much fuller and you also get the classic cream-top.

And if all this isn't enough, this milk pairs wonderfully with our espresso coffee. It textures extremely well allowing us to do justice to the espresso we work so hard to prepare every time.  Furthermore, this texture allows for intricate latte art that will last even longer!
At the end of the day its all about taste and if this is accompanied by an ethical side then we'll drink to that! 

Vegware fully compostable paper cups in 3 different sizes - 6oz 8oz and 12oz in white and brown with "Something Brewed" stamp
A selection of Vegware Cups in 3 different sizes and 2 colours with "Something Brewed" stamp
"completely compostable" declaration on the side of a White Vegware paper cup with "Something Brewed" stamp. 

Happy Planet

All of our cups (and lids) are completely compostable meaning zero waste on all of our packaging. 
They are made in Scotland using renewable materials with low carbon foot print, with a sustainable and traceable supply chain.
Recycled easier and cleaner, these cups can be recycled with food still in them!